Model pictureof built-in CUP
Specification of built-in CUP
Specification of CUP
Ink cup system of pad printing
Ink cup is made as a unit by gathering docter blade ink trays together.
After several years of trials and errors, it is first developed and patented in
  Korea and currently manufactured with 99,9% of ceramic and tungsten carbide.
  (currently marketed on big volume)
Structure and mount of ink cup
Ink cup is mounted on 0.2mm of plane.
Ground plan is precisely processed up to about 3/1000.
Magnet is attached or safety on moving is considered.
The size of ink cup is 50~150 and ring that could be mounted from upper
  part is additionally attached.
Take on/off should be fast and precise. Installation is finished within 1 minute
  with 2EA of bolts and buttons.
Strong point of ink cup
Ink can be saved.
Viscosity of ink is durable.
Stain of ink by dust is protected.
Stain of surroundings is protected and smell is reduced.
Long time dilution is not needed.
Ink in cup can be preserved for several months.
Printing plate can be used on 0.35mm~13T.
Additional cleaning on finishing work is not needed.
Price is lower than others and handling convenience is considered with
  additional device that protect leakage.