Special feature of corrosion plate
Hice 10~13t
SKS3 0.5, 4.5, 10~13t
Alloy steel 0.3, 0.8t
Special feature of corrosion plate
Up to 100,000~1,000,000 times of printing available.
Avoid chemical reaction in storing
Low smoothness and wear is preferable.
Affinity for ink is needed.
Screen printer can prohibiting mesh dry because much retardant called methyl salicylate is
diluted, while, on printing, ink dry is slow, so dry facility has to be installed, cleaning after work
must be done and there will be high inferior rate due to weakness of oil agent for moisture.
(But, feature that can increase application quantity is merits.)
For pad printer, application quantity is set by the depth of etching, CPU adhesion is sustained, product stock can be reduced by shortening dry time 50~100 times faster than the case of screen using fast dry type thinner and there will be no inferior rate from ink dry.