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Unmaned automatic 6-color printing servo motor system part
Max.Plate Size(mm) 175 × 75
Patent application
2001' Patent application # 70353
2001' Patent application # 70366
2001' Patent application # 70367
For automatic Jig, Cup, Plate, Pad (Spear Part)
Jig, Cup, Plate, Pad (Spare Part) for automation.
Because of the servo system, it is vibration free and accurate.
Rotating apparatus for different color in 0-270˚
Speed control apparatus program is applied
For embossing print, top and bottom stop timer is applied.
Total stroke control program
Simultanequs stroke on front and back side of the plate is available.
Automatic feeding control apparatus by a sensor
For time saving in replacing the model, a micro control apparatus is applied.
Electricity : 110V/220V/1 phase, 50/60Hz
Maximum speed : 1200/hr
Accurate rotating system by index
Maintaining high transfer degree and color clearness by the front row system of silicon pad.
Accurate setting by servo program
Complete interception of foreign material by static electricity shielding system.
Operator protection by sectional safety system
Complete drying with section air heater