Superiority of DY-S2
As the material and plate are moving in a
  separate mode, it is convenient to discern and
In order to reduce the abrasion of plates, it is
  maintaining over 60 of vacuum heat treatment,
  which is controlled by ceramic high Cup.
For the convenience of the operator, it is
  designed to store the ink for a lengthy time.
As the Cup is specially processed, it maintains
  stable vacuum while prevents the transforming
  of characteristic of the ink and minimizes the
  unfriendly smell.
DY-S2 Specification
..No.of Colour 2
..Max.Plate Size(mm) 10020013
..Size LWH 500600480
..Net.Weight 60kg
. Max.Printing Speed minute/30
. Mains Supply 100/200V

Max.Plate Size(mm) 100200