DY-8000 DY-850 DY-650
Superiority of DY-8000
It is consisted of Cam.
As it has high speed, it is suitable for small
  products as well as electronic parts.
It does not use plate, but, by using stand out
  rubber fonts, it enables precision printing.
  when applied to automatic system.
It is ispresently applied mainly for small parts
  which are unable to handle manually.
As it requires lesser consumable material, it is
  economical in changing the model.
Printing Method: As the ink is supplied onto the
  surface of fonts by a roller, it does not cause any
  electrostatic induction nor is affected by any
  foreign material, whereas UV ink can be applied.
DY-8000 Specification
..No.of Colour 1
..Max.Printing Diameter(mm) 5050
. Max.Printing Speed minute/80~120
. Mains Supply 100/200V

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