DY-S-C1 DY-SC-C1 DY 7000    
Superiority of Cup Type
Less vibration and noise.
Easy to set-up and replace the models.

In comparison of the open type, it makes lesssmell and prevents the contamination of the machine as well as maintaining clean environment.

Easy to operate even by an unskilled worker.
By an essential built-in program, it is easy to print in any form.
It is possible to maintain embossing and high printing efficiency by intermediate valve and software program.
DY-S-C1 Specification
..No.of Colour 1
..Max.Plate Size(mm) 100×200×13
. Ink Cup Diameter 85φ
. Net.Weight 70kg
. Max.Printing Speed 분/37
. Mains Supply 110/220V 50/60Hz

Max.Plate Size(mm) 100×130~300×130